Raw materials : NORYL® SE1 GFN3 801 GF30% NAT

Raw material producer :



Tensile modulus

8000 MPa



UL 94


PPE natural color fiberglass-reinforced 30% beige color

UL 94 grade V1 at 1.5mm and 5Va at 3.0mm

NORYL SE1GFN2 has a GWIT 800C to 1.00mm according to IEC 60695-2-13.

Can be an excellent material for electric and electronic applications that need good rheological properties, heat insulation, good resistance to hydrolysis, thin-walled flame resistant, halogen -free according to VDE/DIN 472 815.

Access datasheet NORYL SE1 GFN3-801
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Different sizes in this material


1200 x 1000 mm

th. 5 to 120 mm

1000 x 600 mm  th. 5 to 120 mm 

600 x 500 mm

th. 12 to 180 mm



Lg 1200 mm

Dia from 12 to 30 mm

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Lg 1000 mm

Dia from 12 to 120 mm

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Lg 600 mm

Dia from 12 to 180 mm

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Lg 500 mm

Dia from 12 to 180 mm

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